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Boost your customer satisfaction with 3 simple steps:

  • Send Menu

    Just send us the digital version of your restaurant menu. We will upload it to the website as it is and generate QR code for the flyer. You will have access to your custom QR Menu.

  • Choose Your Design

    Choose the design of the flyer containing the QR code. You can check the custom designs from our "sample" database or order a new design of your choice. Flyer stand is a high quality vertical "T-stand" with the size of A5. But the size and stand design can be adjusted upon your request. To access the "sample" gallery just click here.

  • Pick Up

    Once the design is decided, we will make flyers ready for the final usage and send them via post. Just pick them up and place them on the tables. That is all! It's that simple!

Tafferly’s Core Competencies:

  • No Ordering System

    ​Tafferly is built over the idea of minimalism and simplicity. We believe that complexities can be handled with simple approaches. That is why, Tafferly does not have an ordering system. We believe that contact between restaurant staff and customers should be maintained as it is the important part of restaurant culture and tradition.

  • No Application

    Tafferly does have any mobile or desktop-based application system.  Such applications are time wasting for the customers as they require time to download and run. The QR Menu of a given restaurant can be accessed instantly by scanning the   

                QR codes on the flyers.

  • No Subscription Fee

    We do not require any monthly payment for the online service provided. One-time payment is charged to put the QR Menu of the restaurant online on the website. We provide online lifetime service for the restaurants to update and adjust the

                    online menus.


Advantages of QR Menu:


Customer Comfort

It is hard to keep the pace during the peak hours when the restaurant is crowded. However, with the help of
QR Menu, customers do not need to wait for the menu, they can simply access it via their cell phones.


No Printing Expenses

A QR Code is always the same regardless of the adjustments in the content. There is no need to print
different menu every time when little icon or price is changed or updated.


Reduced Workforce

The time loss in the process of menu delivery and return is removed.



Hygiene is an important matter. Touching the physical menu that handled by many people can be risky in terms of health. QR Menu can be accessed via customers’ own cell phones.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need QR Code Based Menu?

- QR code allows the customers to quickly scan and access the menu without waiting for the
servers, especially during peak times.

Are the flyers provided by Tafferly? How would we use them?

- QR code stickers/flyers provided by Tafferly can be put on the tables, walls, entrances of the
restaurants, allowing menus to be easily accessible.

Do we need any mobile or desktop applications to manage the system?

- No mobile application or registration is required.

Does it have any advantage on the customer side?

- Customers will have more time to pick their intended items from the menu without rushing
under the pressure of the menu shortage.
- Hygiene is a critical matter in these days. Customers can access the menu via their personal
cell phones and computers, avoiding the shared use of the same menu.

Does it have any advantage on the owner/staff side?

- Since there is no ordering system in Tafferly, the contact between restaurant staff and the
customers are maintained. The customer contact is one the critical part of the restaurant
culture. Thus, customer satisfaction is achieved without breaking the traditional code.

Is it possible to update or change the menu items? Does QR code change in every update?

- Unlike the traditional menus, the online menus can be updated with little effort without
wasting paper-based resources. QR code stays the same regardless of the changes in the
catalog content.

What do we need supply in order to integrate the system into my restaurant?

- The only requirement to initiate the system is the digital copy of the menu provided by the

Is it a subscription-based platform?

- Unlike the other similar platforms, no monthly subscription fee is needed. One-time payment
is required.

What about the payments?

- You can directly contact us via email or write in the chat, which is faster.

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